carta bianca | t-space | Milan


t-space  |  Milano  |  6 april – 7 may 2016  |  curated by Elena D’Angelo

“[…] It is a dream, but it is also an exact science. It is an aseptic image, but it is mixed with the uncertain trace of a human image. Satellite photographs do what was once done by the photographs of the explorers: they hold our hand and they walk us to every corner of the world, while our body remains anchored to a safe harbor. We observe each place from a secret point of view, and it is only thanks to our trained mind that we can bring back to reality what is captured from space. We lose the horizon[…]” Elena D’Angelo

Carta bianca | t-space

Retraced, 2016

A silent spot, 2014

In momentary darkness, 2015