Retraced, 2016

Retraced, is a project divided into two series, dedicated to the great Antarctic trips of the past ten years: the first goes towards the southern Pole of Inaccessibility, reached by the N2i Team in 2007; the other is the one faced by Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere in 2014, following the track towards the geographic South Pole that was first walked by R. F. Scott in 1912. Retraced is the attempt of crossing a white space, inaccessible and unresolved, retracing the steps of contemporary men who decided to walk and not to use advanced vehicles. The act of sewing is to take part in these trips of the mind, crossing the satellite image of the spots crossed by the explorers with threads. When taking a picture of the images produced by the satellites I find their limits, the mistakes and the incapacity of reaching the places where this men’s bodies have been in a satisfying manner.

Retraced (P.O.I), 2016 – 7 gelatin silver prints, 30×24 cm

Retraced (South Pole), 2017 – 6 gelatin silver prints, 30×24 cm