From The Best Authorities, I do believe, 2019

3 channels UHD video installation in real-time, in collaboration with Alex Cayuela, Marco Ginex and Paolo Romano

I do believe, 2019, is the last chapter of this research. It draws attention to the power of words as something that supports a visual creation and makes it believable and trustworthy.

I do believe is based on the data taken from the Google browser that concern to the words that compose Kong Mountains. Google Trends is the tool that allows the user to look up what people all around the world ask to Google: through the research of a keyword it is possible to find out how many times it has been looked for, with what frequency and what other words are related to it.

I do believe creates a visual image in real time, which modifies itself over and over again as people look up the Kong Mountains. A software processes the data and generates a huge chain of mountains that transform all the time.

Full text of the project here: i do believe – project description