From the Best Authorities, 2017

From The Best Authorities tries to explore the mysterious Kong Mountains, existed between 1798 and 1888. They were a huge chain, a parallel line going along the equator, splitting the African continent from Guinea to Niger. What is intriguing about Kong Mountains is that they never existed except in the imaginations of explorers, mapmakers and merchants. The power of being visual images gives maps a unique role in defining knowledge. Satellites today, just like cartographers in the past, are invested with such an authority that makes every interpretation accepted and validated. The work is about the men who created the Mountains of Kong, the words they used and tries to imagine what they would look like today.​

Shaping Kong, 2017 – 6 gelatin silver prints, 30×24 cm || c-print, 125×156 cm

The words of Kong, 2017 – color instant film || black and white inkjet prints​  

He might have seen an Inselberg, 2017 – c-print, 66×100 cm

I do believe, 2019 – 3 channels video installation, real time video, in collaboration with Alex Cayuela, Marco Ginex, Paolo Romano